Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hello - TF01 from 2K16

Yooo~ it's been awhile since I been on this crap blog of mine *laughs*. I hope you guys are doing well (for those who may still follow me), and still doing same old thing (stealing mods, asking mods, drifting, JKJK haha). Unfortunately, I still won't come back for GTA, as I'm obviously still playing on rFactor, but I do have some pictures of my virtual car or two :3

It's good to be somewhat back though, but I'm now just 'collecting' old grassroot JDM stuff lol.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hey guys! What's up? TF01 here, just wanted to post of my new video. In this video, I take a few laps around Ebisu East with SP Mod's RX-7 FD3S Series 8. The car files were edited so I can't release it for the public until I have permission or I give it to the physics developer of the SP Mod team. It's an overall good mod though, obviously it just needs a bit more improvement, but that's life. We make something, there's certain flaws to fix. Hope you guys enjoy the video! Peace! - TF01

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hey Yo! This blog needs update...

What's good? TF01 here. It's been awhile since I disappeared from this blog and GTA modding "world". I've been playing in rFactor rather a lot and been drifting with my G27, hehe.

If you guys want to play with former me ([HV]Keiichi lol), I'm in a server called DriftBox or Skid Racin'.

I'm usually known as Vexed Sieng or my usual username, TakumiFuji01. See you guys on the track.
I'll be driving an AE86 btw xD

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Comeback for Blogging!

Hey Guys! I decided to update this thing once & awhile. I've been definitely busy with School, I do play GT5 with a G27 (Yes, I got a G27 during my B-Day lol). I've also been doing some MODDING in Gran Turismo 5. For the first FD, The Amemiya FD was color switched ONLYsince I thought the regular car was suitable/built/tuned enough as it come from the dealer for making the Keisuke replica so I didn't do such swaps and etc other than Yellow. also since the engine was normal with the stock turbines being boosted up(via Power FC). Lastly is the Green FD, this one was modified a bit. It was based on somewhat from the Mu Street Beat 7 (Pictured Below) and the Greddy 9 (Pictured Below), I decreased weight (without using other chassis to keep 255/40R17 Tires on all 4 Corners), Engine has Tune Stage 1 (Sideport Tune), aftermarket turbine(Trust Turbine) and Titanium Racing Exhaust giving 424hp (lowered it to be 430ps). Handling, Power and Overall feel is amazing and fast!! I do have a familiar one (same green) but with 1308hp for Wangan. I already made another yellow one (brighter) based on the one from Hot Version with a GT-Spec 3 Rotor Engine and weighs 1100kg, has about 394hp
 1. 374hp (380ps) RE Amemiya RX-7 FD3S turned into Keisuke Takahashi Project.D Spec

2. 424hp(430ps) RE Amemiya Mu Street Beat 7/Greddy 9 Mixed Replica 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wassup, peeps?

Hey ya'll! Just wanted to update my blog once and a while, so I decided to officially quit GTA & Modding. So no more mods and etc but I still know the tips and etc so if you ever need help, just ask me. If you're kinda confused what I said, well it's kinda like how Kazama use to work for Keiichi's former company called "Kei Office", in which the company seized and was sold to ORC. He tried getting sponsors which M.O.V.E did from 2006 to 2007? And he left D1 so he's just a mechanic working and helping on people's cars and etc. I still game but not that much, because when WE change, we think the important stuff and etc. but it's just life. Anyways, all I have to say so umm...peace!! -TakumiFuji01/[HV]Keiichi

Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy AE86 Day!

I would never forget about this one I just decided to make this picture...