Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Comeback for Blogging!

Hey Guys! I decided to update this thing once & awhile. I've been definitely busy with School, I do play GT5 with a G27 (Yes, I got a G27 during my B-Day lol). I've also been doing some MODDING in Gran Turismo 5. For the first FD, The Amemiya FD was color switched ONLYsince I thought the regular car was suitable/built/tuned enough as it come from the dealer for making the Keisuke replica so I didn't do such swaps and etc other than Yellow. also since the engine was normal with the stock turbines being boosted up(via Power FC). Lastly is the Green FD, this one was modified a bit. It was based on somewhat from the Mu Street Beat 7 (Pictured Below) and the Greddy 9 (Pictured Below), I decreased weight (without using other chassis to keep 255/40R17 Tires on all 4 Corners), Engine has Tune Stage 1 (Sideport Tune), aftermarket turbine(Trust Turbine) and Titanium Racing Exhaust giving 424hp (lowered it to be 430ps). Handling, Power and Overall feel is amazing and fast!! I do have a familiar one (same green) but with 1308hp for Wangan. I already made another yellow one (brighter) based on the one from Hot Version with a GT-Spec 3 Rotor Engine and weighs 1100kg, has about 394hp
 1. 374hp (380ps) RE Amemiya RX-7 FD3S turned into Keisuke Takahashi Project.D Spec

2. 424hp(430ps) RE Amemiya Mu Street Beat 7/Greddy 9 Mixed Replica 

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